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1.переделайте предложения в страдательный залог: 1.the children will have decorated the new yer tree by 24th of december. 2.they have built a new airport. 3.somebody has cleaned the room. 4.when we got to the stadium we knew that they had cancelled the game. 5.they are building a new road round the city. 2. вставьте глаголы данные в скобках ,в соответствующей форме страдательного глагола. 1.the library by the workers 5years ago.(build) 2.all the mistakes by the teacher next lession (correct) 3.the table by me last month(buy) 4.the portait of m.gorky on the wall in the reading-room now(hang) 5.the tv set by the end of this week(repair)

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