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1. дополните фразы: candy, perform, go on, pool, famous, explore, designated, rocket, fun, theme, obey, cartoon, no diving, reserve, send 1. a water ride, 2. a place, 3. park, 4. fair, 5. tricks, 6. journey, 7. floss, 8. landmarks, 9. characters, 10. a haunted mansion, 11. lifeguards, 12. an e-mail, 13. safety 14. areas 15. signs

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it's difficult to speak about music in general, because it will either take a lot of time or just one sentence to explain our attitude. music is an integral part of our life. it is varied because it reflects different human emotions. if we ask several people what kind of music they like, all of them will give different answers. tastes differ. but the world of music is boundless and everybody can find there something that satisfies his tastes and demands. and all the people will agree that our world will be dull without music. we enjoy music because it influences our mood and imagination, reflects our inner state and character, arouses deep emotions and makes us think. it helps us to remove from tiredness and tension or find new strength, get new energy and optimism.

that's why we can say that all kinds of music are popular with public: classical and pop music, folk music and jazz, operas, musicals, orchestral performances, chamber music, rock and roll, heavy metal, rap, rock, hard rock, rave and so on. for this reason music festivals which are held annually gather large audience.

as for me, i enjoy both classical music and variety show. some people say, it is difficult to understand classical music. but i've never been scared by the fact. i enjoy music if it appeals to me. i'm fond of p. i. chaikovsky, bach, mozart. among contemporary composers i appreciate a. lloyd webber and his musicals and rock operas.

if you want to know my preferences in pop music, among singers or pop groups, i won't be able to name any. for variety is variety, i like to listen to different songs, to watch different singers, to hear something new. but i prefer tuneful melodies, easy to remember, light and sometimes haunting.

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в этих предложениях глаголами являются следующие:

1) do

2) can

3) did

4) will

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1. с)

2. а)

3. а)

4. с)

5. а)

6. в)

7. а)

8. а)

9. в)

10. с)

11. в)

12. в)

13. а)

14. в)

15. а)

16. а)

17. с)

18. а)

19. в)

20. а)

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1) robin makvizard lived in edinburgh 500 years ago.  2) robin went to the trip back in time to london of the future.  3) stone of destiny was lost for scotland, because it had been in london at westminster abbey.  4) robin couldn’t come back in time.  5) the door of robin’s time was closed.  6) robin's father could not eat and drink.  7) he was waiting for his son at the window.  8) mother robin died when he was two years old, and he lived with his father and grandmother.  9) robin was very fond of his country.  10) he believed that the stone of destiny could help.  11) life in scotland was hard.  12) robin came back without the stone of destiny.
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