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1измените форму слова, чтобы оно правильно подходило по слыслу1. i think easter is a holiday. (wonder)2. i usually get a lot of on new year's eve (greet)3. the sang a beautiful song about the coming women's day. (sing)4. the cards on the wall made the room very comfortable. (colour)5. the
weather was warm on the 31st of december. (usually)​

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hi michaela

how are you? i wanted to thank you for the homework you did for me last sunday.

oh yeah the party i had last night - it was greate all the coolest boys from school were there i wish you should have came. drinks and food were fantastik. i met a guy named rob he is very handsome and nice.the music was so cool and rob asked me for a dance.

we danced alot until the midnight . he wanted to see me again.

best wishes

p.s. see you  on monday

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1. what is called the biggest star factory in the world? why is hollywood called the biggest star factory?

2. is oscar night called the most important event in show biz? what is called the most important event in show biz?

3. where may you see some famous stars? who(m) may you see if you visit malibu?

4. what are you unlikely to have in los angeles? where are you unlikely to have bad weather? are you likely to have bad weather in los angeles?

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1) wonderful

2) greetings

3) singers

4) colourful

5) unusually

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