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Яв этом во всем хлебушек( 26 the direct exchange of goods goods would raise all sorts of problems. in to on at with of for into question 27 money allows us to exchange hours of goods and services. on at into for with in to of question 28 these employees were not satisfied the working
conditions. on in to for of into at with question 29 she always looks very in her smart suits. professional profession professionally professionalism question 30 the profits are distributed the members as dividends their shareholding. in, into to, on on, with at, for question 31 the
president’s reforms have put a lot of people out of work. economics economize economists economies economical economic question 32 what makes managers give their high salary, company car and pension, and risk everything in order to set on their own? for, on up, up at, with in, of question 33
he is solely responsible the success of the business. at to for of on into with in question 34 working capital consists the stocks of raw materials. on to of for with into in at question 35 a lack of competition can lead inefficiency. in with to into for at on of question 36 the fridge did
not work well and was sent back to the manufacturer manufacture manufactured question 37 economists study our everyday lives order to understand the whole economic system. into in with on of to for at question 38 if we don’t on electricity, there will be power cuts. economist economic
economics economical economy economize question 39 people resources at an alarming rate. consumer consume consumption consumes question 40 this explains the reason state ownership public utilities in many countries. with, to at, into in, on for, of

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hello, dear friends! i also try to organise my day. and it's really helpful. i have many hobbies. it's wonderful, when person have no time to engage in idleness! now i want to tell you about my i am in love with snowboarding!   i can't describe my feelings when i do it! i feel so free, like a bird or a butterflie. i feel myself so strong! and incredibly happy! it's adrenaline! also i love skating. it's very beautiful. but now i am really in kickboxing! i do my first steps. but i am in love with it. that's amazing to know, that you can beat everyone who hurts you. so.. i have  a busy schedule. but i like it. i am proud of myself! : ) and friend, tell me about your after-school activies. its really interesting theme! i am waiting for your letter : ) good luck, friend!

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was born


was fond







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the study of history, the creation of history as a science, is part of the process of national .studying his people, he learns knows himself.   тут только 2  

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  it`s a sports game ?  

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