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Чи можна читати слова turn twirl як те: н іть бо дуже треба

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1.  i have not seen the moskva river yet

2.would you like to go to  south africa in may?

3.london is a very large city. it is one of the largest cities in the world.

4. it usually takes me ten minutes to get to school.

5. it will take you an hour to get to the museum.

6. it took us two hours to decorate the room last year.

7. i am sure it will take you a hour to write this exercise.

8. it does not take him long to learn new words.

9. it did not take them much time to open the door.

10.he is ready. it took him five minutes to wash up.

11. st petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

12. there are a lot of beautiful old churches in suzdal.

13. mary likes to do  shopping in  oxford street.

14.i  have never been to india .

15. nick  has already seen  the film

16. tom has not  seen the film  yet.

17. have you ever bought clothes?

18.my aunt has never worked in a hospital.

19. they visited mrs spencer two days ago.

20. they  have just seen their teacher.

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аяяй алемпиаду по языку на сайте учи.ру самому дадо решать я сама решила на 80/80

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так можна я подивився

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