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Чем отличаются энциклопедии от ​

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1. she lived with two unkind sisters. - она жила с двумя злыми сестрами.

2. she cooked and cleaned all day. - она готовила и мыла весь день.

3. the prince invited the unkind sisters to the palace. - принц пригласил недобрых сестер во дворец.

4. one day a fairy godmother visited her. - однажды фея крестная навестила (посетила) ее.


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1. what place is called the biggeststar factory in the world?

why does hollywood called this way?

2. is oskar night the most important event in show biz?

what is the most event in show biz?

3. what can you see visiting malibu?

what can you see visiting malibu?

4.what are you unlikely to have in la?

where are u unlikely to have bad weather?

you are unlikely to have bad weather in la, aren't you?

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if i had known that you were ill last week, i would have gone to see you.​

желаю удачи!

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