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Хелп ми плис! ай вонтит ту го бед. май хед скоро бум, энд ай дайд. плис хелп ми.​

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My family isn't large. besides my parents i have an elder sister whose name is irina. she is 19 and she is a student of the institute.  i am masha. i am 13 and i am a student of the secondary school. i am not very tall but i am not short either. i  like  skating and reading. my mother's name is inna vasilievna. she is 39 and she is a nurse in our hospital. my mother is very pretty and kind. my father's name is ivan petrovich. he is 42 and he is a driver in the same hospital. my father is very strong and strict. he  likes to play chess  and we  often  play chess  in the evening. our granny doesn't live with us, but she lives not far from our house so i  often come to see  her on sundays. i visited her  last night  and she  was  glad  to see me. we have supper then i read my favourite book about animals and i  went to bed  about 12 p.m. we are a friendly family and we try to get along with each other and try  to discuss  our problems and to solve them  together.
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1. they had earned a lot of money by the end of august

2. they had defeated an enemy*s  fleet by the end of the year

3. he reminded me about that event when john had gone

4.we had burnt dry leaves before the snow fell

5. the rainbow appeared in the sky after the rain had stopped

6. she had cut down the flowers before we came into the hothouse

7.dodo is a died- out species of birds. it had dessapeared after the people began hunting  on it

8.the fire had destroyed the buildind before the firemen came

9. miss marple had solved a difficult criminal problem before the policemen could do it.

10.little robert had broken  a new toy before his father explained  him how to play with it



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every day i go to the zoo, and every day i learn something new. i see lions, cute rabbits, as well as a huge number of different birds. in front of the zoo, i always take a little pet food, and already in the zoo i am allowed to feed them. my favorite animal is the white rabbit, as well as the big orange lions. i really like the zoo!


каждый день я иду в зоопарк, и каждый день узнаю что-то новое. я вижу львов,   милых кроликов, а также огромное количество различных птиц. перед зоопарком, я всегда беру немного корма для животных, а уже в зоопарке мне разрешают их кормить. моё любимое животное это белый кролик, а также большие оранжевые львы. мне нравиться зоопарк!

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  negative (отрицательные предложения)

his friends are  not still speaking over the telephone. boris is not repairing the record-player. he is not   leaving by the 8o'clock train. they are not crossing the street. we were  not looking for him the day before yesterday. she was not   typing a letter at that moment. he was not watching tv when i came home. i shall not    be waiting for you at the usual time. he will  not be lecturing at that time. it will not    be raining in a minute. she is  not talking to her old friend. boys are not  playing football. we were not   having dinner when you rang me up. john was not   listening to the latest news at 7 o'clock in the evening. she was  not hurrying to the station at that moment. i shall  not be posting my letters tomorrow morning. they will  not be working hard in autumn. she will  not be coming to see us today.

  interrogative  (вопросительные ) are his friends are still speaking over the telephone? is   boris  repairing the record-player? is  he  leaving by the 8o'clock train? are they  crossing the street?   were we  looking for him the day before yesterday? was she  typing a letter at that moment?   was he  watching tv when i came home? shall i  be waiting for you at the usual time? will he l be lecturing at that time? will it be raining in a minute? is she  talking to her old friend? are boys  playing football? were we    having dinner when you rang me up? was   john listening to the latest news at 7 o'clock in the evening? was she hurrying to the station at that moment? shall i  be posting my letters tomorrow morning? will they be working hard in autumn. will she  be coming to see us today?

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