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Умоляю составьте 5 предложений на how much с ответами прошу составьте и что бы 5 вопросов и 5 ответов умоляю

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i am going to visit my relatives in the country in june.

i am going to spend some days at the seaside and then go to the mountains in july.

i am going to learn playing the guitar in august.

обстоятельства времени in june/july/august также могут стоять в начале предложения.

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2) no, they are sleeping

3) yes, they are

4) yes, she does

5) no, he is watching tv

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how much did you drink beer yesterday?

too much i will never drink so much again

how much sugar you add sugar in my tea?

very little sugar

how many book you read on holiday?

i read 3 books but all of them so boring

how much time you slept last night?

so little i just prepared to exams

how much does she mean to you ?

she is the most important people in my life

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