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Уменя сор по языку​

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вроде так:


he will not write 10 stories on tuesday.he will not see russia for the environment.it will not be able to send 200 cards on thursday.he will not make 99 large cakes on sunday. 

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i want to be a driver.my father has a big.when i grow up i will use his car.his car is black.i will be the fastest driver ever.when i will got a lot of money i buy a new car to myself.

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hello! my day's begins from waking up. i go to the kitchen to eat and drink tea. then i go to the bath and brush my teeth, because it’s not dirty to me. then i finally go get dressed and go to school. of course before that, i also do hairstyle then, when i came to school, i was preparing for the first lesson. then when i have gone home, i go home, eat and go to school. then i come home, do my homework, relax, i wash and go to bed.


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