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Укого есть ? соч по языку 6 класс 3 четверть

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  how long have you been trying to find a job?

for three years. it was really difficult.

how many jobs have you had?  

about thirty, maybe more i have been doing everything.

how long have you been standing here today?  

i have  been waiting since 8: 00 this morning, and i'm freezing.  





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1)now my friend lives in moscow

2)as a rule, he spends his holidays at the seaside.

3)i am very busy on sunday.

4)he often helps me when i need his help.

5)she is very glad to see me. 

6) здесь кажется что-то пропущено

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my dream

i read once that it is very important to have a dream. i thought: “was is my deepest and dearest dream? ” and i came to the conclusion that i my dream is to become a doctor. i like people and want to help them to be happy and healthy. so, when i become a doctor i’ll cure them from different diseases and illnesses. healthy person is a happy person, so by curing people i hope i’ll bring more joy into their lives.


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i want to become a doctor in the future. i always want to help people so that many live happily ever after. i will try to learn, also be engaged in additional. i will go to a good university.

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