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Укого был сор по ? что там было? 5класс 3 четверть

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-hello. what is the matter?

  -i am not well. i* ve hurt my  arm when i played  football yesterday.

  -please. let me see. is it painfull here?

. an awfull  ache. i can*t  stand   it any more! help me. please!

i think you have broken your arm. it is a real fracture

  - oh , doctor. don*t touch it , please

-o*k. to be  sure of it you have to make an x-ray.

-thank you, doctor

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meet-met,post-posted,take-took,be-was,were; fall-fell,see-saw,do-did,visit-visited,wash-washed,say-said,work-worked,ask-asked,answer-answered,go-went,wash-washed,give-gave,enjoy-enjoyed,live-lived,fly-flew,have-had,open-opened,

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1) robin makvizard lived in edinburgh 500 years ago.  2) robin went to the trip back in time to london of the future.  3) stone of destiny was lost for scotland, because it had been in london at westminster abbey.  4) robin couldn’t come back in time.  5) the door of robin’s time was closed.  6) robin's father could not eat and drink.  7) he was waiting for his son at the window.  8) mother robin died when he was two years old, and he lived with his father and grandmother.  9) robin was very fond of his country.  10) he believed that the stone of destiny could help.  11) life in scotland was hard.  12) robin came back without the stone of destiny.
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