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Ть вставити can /can’t 1) i’m tired but 2)they speak very quickly. i them 3)i’m sorry but i to your party on sunday 4)he is only 5 but he very well 5)i’m not hungry . my dinner 6)his eyes are not very good.he see very well

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magical winter

winter is a fairy season of a year. i like bright and frosty weather and snowing outside. bizarre patterns are appearing on the window plates. when everything is covered with white snow it seems that you got into some kind of a fairytale. moreover it’s a great time to skiing, sliding, snowballing and making snowman.

when it is too frosty outside you don’t even want to go outside at first. but once you’ve got out and walk on a lane listening to snow creaking it becomes joy. main in thing in such weather is to keep moving. it is impossible to freeze while walking, running, riding skies or sleigh.

january is the time of greatest holidays of christmas and new year. all relatives are gathering and mother cooks tastiest things. i like the blinking of garlands in windows during those holydays. but most pleasant parts of all festivities are given and presented present. i used to believe in santa claus but presents from parents are great too.

winter gave us lots of beauty and joy. one can spend time with use to health even despite the cold weather. and it’s great time to spend time with relatives. and even when there are severest frost outside one should remember that winter won’t last forever and warm spring is ahead.

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the old-women like playing bingo.

the british are said to be the only people on earth to have the world which means “standing in line“ . it’s a queue / kju: / the british queue for everything – for public transport and toilet, in restaurant, in shops, at the bar, outside cinemas to buy ticket.

english women don’t spend a lot of time on housework. it’s common to see husband helping with cooking and washing up. on sunday they get up late and it’s a good start for a happy day. simply they are less stressed and in less of a hurry

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match the names of these people with the arts in which they worked.

1)fransisco goya - art - spanish artist

2)elvis presley - rock'n'roll - american singer

3)maya plisetskaya - ballet - russian ballerina

4)friedrich schiller - german literature - writer, poet

5)sergey rakhmaninov - classical music - russian composer

6)pablo picasso - art - spanish artist

7)luciano pavarotti - music - italian opera tenor

8)michelangelo - art - italian artist, sculptor of renaissance

9)rembrandt - art - holland artist

10)elithabeth taylor - cinematography - hollywood actress


подберите к именам этих людей направления искусства, в которых они работали.

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- как дела

-хорошо потому что я сегодня был в kfc

-да это вкусно но вредно для здоровья

-правда? я об этом не знал ты знаешь какие еды полезны

-да конечно полезные продукты это натуральные продукты например молоко,фрукты т,д

-но мне молоко вообще не нравится

-тогда кефир полезен для тебя

-да я люблю кефир

- за совет

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