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Термі золота доба британського живопису

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In the photo i see boy. he has fair hair. he is falling. i can’t see his face. maybe be he look frightened. i like this photo, because it is lovely.
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1) it is

2) there are

3) it is

4) it is

5) there is (is there - если вопрос)

6) there is

7) there are

8) it is

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1.he cleans  his room .  does he clean his room? он убирает свою комнату.

2.he  washes the dishes.does he  wash the dishes? он поет посуду,( ? )

3. she watches tv.  does she watch tv? она смотрит

4. they dance at the party. do they dance at the party? они танцуют на

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listen, ivan sings in the next room.it doesn't see that i look at it, as he reads something with a great interest.call him now. i think that he doesn't sleep yet.look at the person who sits at a window. he/she is our lawyer.

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