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Тайни хочет найти друзей по переписке через газету. ему рассказать о себе. закончи предложения. dear friend, i am tiny. i i think i but i am i but i i like i like

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i like weekends! i enyoj going to the seaside. almost every weekend me and my gradparents go to the seaside. we usually walk and sometimes fish there. this weekend me, my parents and grandparents are going to the picknic. sometimes we go to the zoo. i really like it, because i like animals. once or twice a month i go to the cinema. after the movies me and my parents go to pizzeria. during this family dinner we always discuss the movie we've seen. after this we play bowling. i like spending free time with my family.

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excercase №1.

      change into ordinal numerals.

one- 1                                                    thirti five-35

two -2                                                    ninety seven- 97

six -6                                                          nine -9

  twenty -20                                            ten- 10

three -3                                                      eighteen- 18

twelwe -12                                              sixty -60

                      exercase №2.

1. there are seven boys in our class.

2.i have got two sisters.

3.ben has  fourbooks in his bag.

4.our third  lesson is  history.

5.we have  six    lessons a day.

6.art in the fifth  lesson.

                        excercase №3.

1.we have six lesson today.history is  the second.

2.sunday is  the first day of the week.

3.there are  twelve months   in a year.

4.december is  the twelfth month of the year.

5.six and twenty is twenty six.

6.my name is tom. i'm a student. i'm eight

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Dear friend, i am tiny.   i live in the english forest.  i think i am kind, funny, merry  and smart. but i am not lazy.  i can sing, read and speak english. but i can’t count well.  i like to write fairy tales and poems.  i like coffee with milk, sweets, cakes and jam.  
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