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С! #ятупая 21 : 1 the system of a country is usually called the national economy. выберите один ответ. economical economist economics economy economize economic question 22 : 1 germany, great britain and france are advanced countries. выберите один ответ. economy economical economize
economically economist economics question 23 : 1 who is responsible dealing with complaints? выберите один ответ. in for with at question 24 : 1 when goods are supplied credit, the buyer has immediate use of them. выберите один ответ. at in on into to with of for question 25 : 1 we can
exchange two weeks’ labour a holiday abroad. выберите один ответ. into with for at in to on of question 26 : 1 centrally-planned economies are generally associated communist governments. выберите один ответ. in for of with to at into on question 27 : 1 she was the first woman to politics.
выберите один ответ. successful success succeed question 28 : 1 there are a number of reasons the existence of government involvement business and industrial activities. выберите один ответ. in, on for, at with, of to, into for, in question 29 : 1 average for skilled workers are rising.
выберите один ответ. earner earnings earns question 30 : 1 the need to choose is imposed people by their income and wealth. выберите один ответ. for on in into to at of with question 31 : 1 marx and keynes are two famous выберите один ответ. economic economists economy economical economize
economics question 32 : 1 the democratic countries expect their citizens to participate governing the country. выберите один ответ. in with of on at to for question 33 : 1 i’ve applied the position of sales manager. выберите один ответ. for to about as question 34 : 1 australia is the
world’s main of wool. выберите один ответ. production products producer produces productivity productive question 35 : 1 people resources at an alarming rate. выберите один ответ. consume consumes consumer consumption question 36 : 1 as a nation, our of junk food is horrifying.
выберите один ответ. consumer consumed consumption consume question 37 : 1 the process of changing raw materials into finished goods is called выберите один ответ. manufactures manufacturing manufactured manufacturer question 38 : 1 the covering letter wasn’t attached the cv. выберите
один ответ. with to by from question 39 : 1 the price of goods and service depends its demand and supply. выберите один ответ. for in to of into on at with question 40 : 1 procterandgamble sells various including shampoos, batteries and drugs. выберите один ответ. production productive
products productivity producer produces

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do you love spring?

do you enjoy swimming?

do you like eating bananas?

do you study at school?

do you do your homework?

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1)he  has lost  his car keys

2)he      falls  over

3they have a baby

4)we  have not eaten all day

5)they  have  just scored a goal

6)she  has missed  the bus

дано не совсем корректно непонятно чего надо

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i have never seen him before. 

what are you doing? -i'm eating a tasty cake. can i take a piece, please?

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я живу в самой прекрасной стране россия! в столице-  город москва!   это красивый и большой город. мне он нравится, потому что  у него много интересных мест и  в этом городе живёт много известных людей и др. я люблю этот город!

i live in the finest country russia! in capital - the city of moscow! it is very beautiful and a big city. it very much is pleasant to me, because at it many interesting places and live in this city many known people, etc. i love this city!

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