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1.а) were having

2. б) was reading, was watching

3.в) smells

4.в) is receiving

5.в) were planning

6.б) had known

7.г) have you been reading, have you read

8.б) have been going

9.а) is

10.б) am having

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he, a duck, she, ann, a rabbit.

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his name is john. his favorite place is theme park. he likes this park because he can have a lot of rides there. there he has an opportunity to meet lots of people. he can get to the park by bike and it takes him 20 minutes to get there.


her name is mary. her favorite place is africa. she likes africa, because there is a lot of sun, because of the beach and crocodiles. she can get there by plane. it takes eight hours to get there.



his name is stephen. his favorite place is campsite. he likes this place because he can play football and tennisthere. he can get to the campsite by bike and it takes him one hour to get there.


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1.do you like apples or oranges? 2. have you got cat or dog? 3. did you spend your holiday in the country or in the city last summer? 4. does your books on the shelf or in the bookcase? 5. do you like play volleyball or football? из 11 я не знаю какие слова нужны( сорян
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