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Спереводом текста на язык) я люблю зиму. в это время года красиво. леса и поля белые. снег сверкает на солнышке. зимой я могу проводить время весело. я с удовольствием катаюсь на коньках, ледянке, играю в снежки. ​

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the picture shows people.these people are standing near a monument of architecture.this monument is located in the forest.around a lot of beautiful green trees.many people.about 20 people.i don't know how much, i was too lazy to count. i'm sorry i'm so bad at my homework.i just don't think a little bit with my head or i just don't want to learn.

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when i am ill , i am in bed

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i love winter. it's beautiful this time of year. forests and fields white. snow glistens in the sun. i can have a lot of fun in winter. i enjoy skating, ice skating, playing snowballs.

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