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Сочинение на тему любимый праздник на решите

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recently the climate on the earth has changed greatly. some scientists think the world is becomming hotter. they predict that the temperature on the planet is expected to rise by 1,2-2 degrees by the end of the century. the climatic changes will lead to local emergencies in many regions. for example, the melting of ice will cause floods and some areas will be covered with water. besides, rising temperatures will bring droughts in some regions that could be a catastrophe.

many people say that it is so because of the greenhouse effect. it works like this: sunlight gives us heat. some of the heat warms the atmosphere, and some of the heat goes back into space. nowadays the air surrounding the earth has become much warmer because the heat can't go back into space. carbon dioxide in the atmosphere works like glass in a greenhouse and doesn't let much heat get out. so the atmosphere becomes warmer.


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1/ c 2/c 3/a 4/b 5/c

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my favorit holiday is my birthday. on this day i have a lot of presents and congratulations.

in the morning, when it`s time to get up, my mum usually comes into my room and says: " get up, my dear. i have a surprise for you in the kitchen"

when i come tothe kitchen there is always a birthday cake for me.

in the evening a lot of guests come to me. we have a birthday supper and then we together open my presens.

that`s why it`s my favorite holiday

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