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1) who is your best friend? 2) what does she look like? 3) what do you like in your friend? 4) what are you both interested in? 5) do you quarrel sometimes? 6) what do you do together? 7) how much time do you spend together? 8) when did you meet last?  
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diplomats_have to_know english.

teachers _have to_ work with people.

architects_don’t have to_ work at night.

doctors _have to_ think much.

pilots have to_wear uniform.

businessmen _have to _travel.

shop assistants _don’t have to_know italian.

bus drivers_have to_ get up early.

secretaries _have to_write letters.

bankers _have to_ count money.

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there are many flowers in the garden.

the sun is bright.

her eyes are very beautiful.


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