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Составьте 10 типов вопросов к этому тексту. (2 общих,2 специальных,2 разделительных,2 вопроса к подлежащему,2 альтернативных)

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i have got a pet. it is a tortoise. it is not large. it has a brown shell. tortoises can hide their head and legs into the shell when they see something dangerous. tortoises like it when it's warm because they usually live in deserts. they eat grass. they are not quick animals, they walk very slowly. tortoises can also live a very long time (from 50 to over 100 years).

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was, had, lived, was, went, played

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who is  going to take an umbrell?

are you  going to take an umbrella or a rain coat?

i`m not going to take an umbrella, am i?

what am  i  going to take?

am i  going to take an umbrella?

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this picture shows a girl who plays the piano.probably her concert.she has blonde hair and brown eyes.she sits on a chair in a dress on which flowers are drawn.

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