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Составьте диалог по , употребляя все rush — спешка rush hours — часы пик hate doing smth — терпеть не могу что-либо делать hate being late — терпеть не могу/ненавижу опаздывать to keep smb waiting — заставлять кого-либо ждать to ring smb up — позвонить кому-либо по телефону to give smb a ring — позвонить кому-либо по телефону to be off — уходить, убегать (прощание)

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структура be ( в разных временах) +3 колонка.( past participle).

я делал .

было сделано мной.

я делаю чай.

час сделан мною.

я сделаю чай

чай будет сделан мною.

это пассив.

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dear ms. smith,

i have read your advertisment in teen magazine and i would like to participate in your programme.

i am seventeen years old and i come from ukraine.at the moment i am studing at a language school in kyiv.i can speak ukrainian, english and french well.

last year i joined the journalistic club and finished it with good results. my dream is to become a journalist. 


i   am a very communicative person. i always take part in different school events. i also help our teachers and pupils to organize concerts and parties.i am very sociable and i like helping other people.

i am sure that i shall be able to make your programme very nice and interesting. 

  i look forward to hearing from you.

yours sincerely


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he is afraid of thunder.

why are we so tired?

he is a brave young man.

she   is really happy.

what a silly question!


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