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Составьте два предложения в present continues.

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2) appreciate

3) scenery

4) masterpiece

5) exhibit

6) architecture

7) souvenir

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may i come in?

you may take my pen

i can`t  catch up with her

i can play the piano

i must do it well

you must not go there

you should work more seriously

you should not read about it




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1. i am playing soccer every day.

i am not playing soccer every day.

am i playing soccer every day? yes, i am. no, i am not.

2. john and sofia are playing the piano.

john and sofia aren’ playing the piano.

are john and sofia playing the piano? yes, they are. no, they aren’t.

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i am listening to the radio.

my dad is reading newspaper.

they are playing football.

she is watching music show on tv.

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