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Составить 5 предложений в форме f.s. и с оборотом to be going

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my spring holidays.

a week ago we had our spring holidays. i study very well so my teachers didn't give me homework. as i didn't have anything special to do i decided to have a real rest - to sleep a lot and to do nothing. the first day finished. bur it was too difficult to do nothing. and i decided to spend my holidays with my friend.

next day i phoned to my friend alina and invited her to go to the park. the weather was so fine! the sun was shining brightly, there wasn't any cloud in the sky. and we returned home only in the evening.

next days we also went to different places, such as cinema, theatre and others. besides, i helped my mum about the house and i had read some books.

my holidays were very amazing. and it seemed to me they were too short!

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i usually make plans for my birthday party one month earlier


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1.l'm going to watch tv later

2.are you going to visit the museum today?

3.he's going to visit his girlfriend in afternoon

4. she's going to moscow on monday

5. l'm going to wash my car today

я думаю принцип понятен, можешь сам додумать дальше)

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