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Составить 10 предложений с present simple в 3-х временах,

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- hello. what's the matter?

- i don't feel well. i have a bad headache and a sore throat. i am coughing.

- have you got high temperature?

- sorry, i don't but i think my forehead is hot. 

- show me you throat i think you should stay in bed and take some aspirin. 

    honey with milk will be good for you too. 

- thank you, doctor.


- . что случилось?

- я плохо себя чувствую. у меня сильно болит голова и горло. я кашляю.

- у вас есть температура?

- извините, не но мне кажется, что мой лоб горячий. 

- покажите мне ваше я думаю, вам следует лежать в постели и принимать аспирин. молоко с медом также будут полезны вам.

- , доктор.

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читайте текст «континентов и стран мира» для того чтобы получить некоторую новую информацию о мире вокруг нас.

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1) saw, were travelling

2) haven't finished

3) will join

4) didn't answer, had received

5) would invite

6) performed

7) will have read

8) were sleeping, prepared

9) is looking, lost

10) had been looking

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advertisement plays a big role in our lives. some people don't like to see it everywhere and some people don't care about it. as for me, i think that  advertisement is an inportant part of our world. to keep the economy up we have to sell goods to people but it would be inpossible to sell a lot of products without advertising it. but i believe that it should be limited. i can't stand when i am in museum or theatre or any other cultural place and there i see commercial everywhere around me. i also don't like when i watch an interesting movie and it is interrupteb by a commercial. so my opinion is that the advertisement should have a right to exist but it should be limited.

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