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Составить по текст о беларуси 6 предложений

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creativity depends on the behavior. the question is how you look at things, how you act or react to new circumstances, do you tend to look at things differently, your propensity to take a chance, go to the experiment.

think about the work as a muscle. the more you use it (the train), the stronger it becomes. to increase the artistic and creative abilities, just to act as a creative person.very creative, creative people: 1. have the courage to try new things and risk failure.2. use intuition and logic as well as in decision making and idea generation.3. played with humor and jokes, which ultimately will result in creation.4. expressive and eksprescivny5. can find order in the confusion, and the hidden meaning of the information6. driven by the assignment, and not an award7. the need to find solutions to complex problems. even the most talented writers do not have a ready solution to all problems.11. ready to test new ideas and to compete with other

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с тех поркотенокпровелвсе свое времяв саду.онаполивалацветы,заботился о неми дажеразговаривал с ним.викине читалив садубольше, заявив, чтоэто было холодно ичто онапредпочличтениев ее комнате.однаждыкотеноквышелсказать"доброе утро"с нейцветы инашел, что этосломан, илежащих на землемертвых иисчезла.

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the republic of belarus is situated in the center of europe on the watershed of the baltic and black seas. the capital is minsk. belarus borders on poland, lithuania, latvia, russia and ukraine. the total length of the state border makes up 2,969 km. geographic and climatic conditions favor the development of transport and economic relations. the shortest ways from russia to western europe and from the baltic sea to the black sea run through belarus.

the territory of belarus is 207.6 thousand sq km. it stretches from west to east for 650 km and from north to south for 560 km.

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