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Составить краткий текст про то как колумб открыл америку простыми словами p.s. чтобы перевести на язык.

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i. they met at the station two hours ago.

2. where did you spent last sunday?

3. we  were in a hurry because only twenty minutes  were left before the beginning of the performance.

4. i was playing the violin when my friend came in. he invited me to the theatre and i accepted the invitation with pleasure.

5. he rang up his friend and asked him about the homework,

6, when i came to the theatre, my friend al­ready was waiting for me.

7. last sunday we  went sksing in the country. there  was already a lot of snow in the fields and we  enjoyed ourselves. we were skiing for two hours and a half.                   

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red,clock, fan,set,fife,sox,cat,cow,clue,gun.

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знаменитый европейский мореплаватель и картограф христофор колумб высадился в новом свете. в этот день экспедиция христофора колумба достигла острова сан-сальвадор в багамском архипелаге, что впоследствии было принято считать официальной датой открытия америки.

the famous european
navigator and cartographer christopher columbus landed in the new world. on this day, the expedition of christopher columbus reached the island of san salvador (san salvador) in the bahamas archipelago, which was later considered to be the official discovery date of america.

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