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Соедините предложения с 8 предложениями по таблице на следующей картинке

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yes, i had  such a case.  a  high school student  (dima)  bullied  me  so that i  gave  him the money every day .  at first i  was afraid to  tell  anyone  else.  but once  he started to  extort  money from me  and my  friend saw  the situation and  told to  my dad.  my  dad  called his  mom  to the director  and    dima  has been punished, and  yet  he gave me  all the money  and asked me for  forgiveness

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dear ms. smith,

i have read your advertisment in teen magazine and i would like to participate in your programme.

i am seventeen years old and i come from ukraine.at the moment i am studing at a language school in kyiv.i can speak ukrainian, english and french well.

last year i joined the journalistic club and finished it with good results. my dream is to become a journalist. 


i   am a very communicative person. i always take part in different school events. i also help our teachers and pupils to organize concerts and parties.i am very sociable and i like helping other people.

i am sure that i shall be able to make your programme very nice and interesting. 

  i look forward to hearing from you.

yours sincerely


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1. - b).

2. - a).

3. - b).

4 - c).

5. -b).

6. - c).

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меня зовут лера. я иду в школу, мне десять лет! мне нравится кататься на коньках, и я занимаюсь танцами. я достойная ученица! я живу в городе москве!

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