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Сделать put in a preposition (over/trom/into 1 i looked the window and watched the people in the street. 2 my house is very near here. it's just the corner. 3 do you know how to put a film camera? 4 hom far is it here the airport? 5 we walked the museum for an hour and saw a lot of
interesting ihings. 6 you can put your couat the back of the chair. 7 in tennis, you have to hit the ball the net. 8 silvia took a key her bag and opened the door.

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good morning! this says petrov. can i talk to mr. johnson?

- good morning! sorry, but mr. johnson is now out. could you call in ten minutes?

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1. she cooked

2. was watering

3. he was drawing

4. met

5. were dancing

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мне думается, что подобное письмо следует связать с каким-нить событием,    например с рождеством.  поэтому, если вы сочтете  мое письмо недостаточно информативным, вы можете добавить поздравления, каких-то пожеланий и т.д.  надеюсь, вас не взяли во временные рамки и поэтому напишем письмо ныне покойному артуру конану дойлю.


april 11

dear arthur,

hope all is well with you.

it was so good to read your book a few weeks ago. i really got indescribable pleasure from your book! i don't know from what begin!

sherlock holmes' character is not as common as any investigator in life. he reveals an intelligence and cleverness personality. i feel a real respect for him. it's amazing to look  on his deductive thinking and, in the end of the story, understand how it easy at all! but i think you paytoo little attention to doctor watson. and, in my opinion, you should write a few stories with his direct participation, perhaps, with him in title role.

by the way, i am coming to london next week, and it  would be a great honor for me to spend a few days with you! i have dreamed for meet with you since i read my first book about sherlock holmes! i am looking forward for your answer to me!

i can't wait to hear from you, really!

best wishes

your name (замените это на ваше имя)

за внимание, я счел нужным не перегружать письмо потоком эмоций, а лишь вкраце выразить восторг автора письма, что ему понравилось в главном персонаже, и его пожелание на будущее, и разумеется, пожелания автору.

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  no. nose.go. close. home. rose. toe.

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