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what will      people be able to protect if they are environment-educated?         что люди будут способны защитить если они будут хорошо осведомлены 9образованы)  по охране окруж. среды?

would- выражает сомнение или в прошлом, а у нас настоящее время во  2 части предложения

should- следовало бы, по- моему не подходит по смыслу- предложение звучит коряво

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Michael jackson

michael jackson is one of my favorite singers. he is very famous, so most of all people in the world know him, at least his name. i began to listen to his songs because i was recommended them by my friend, and i was really attracted by them. i have two reasons why i like him.

one of my reasons is that i like his voice and performance as well as his songs, as both "michael jackson" and "jackson five". michael jackson sings songs very well in his particular high-pitched tone as it can be proved by the big hits of his songs, for example, "thriller", " billie jean" and "motown 25" etc, and by the many prizes he got, for instance, the first prize of male pop vocalists, of records and of r& b singers on grammy in 1984. besides, he entertains us with his sharp dance great performance like " moonwalk". when i listen to his songs in the morning before i go out, i can feel cheerful and powerful. i am a fan of jackson five as well. before he began to sing by himself, he was the main vocalist of jackson five. when michael was eleven years old, their first single cd, "i want you back", was released, and it was a very big hit all over the world. michael was still little and cute, but his voice was very vigorous and rhythmical. his songs make me happy and energetic.

another reasons why i like him is that i am interested in his behaviors. there are always some topics around him. for example, he was under suspicion he treated a little boy cruelly, who was ten years old and michael's best friend. michael insisted on his innocence, but he paid 26 million dollars for reconciliation finally. though he asserted he paid just to settle the commotion, people said he admitted he was guilty. moreover, it is said that michael has the longing to be a white, though he said in a tv program he suffered from the disease that pigment in his skin decolorized. when i saw these news, i considered the problems about child-abuse and human race. how does child-abuse hurt the child's heart? his or her hurt will not disappear forever. which human race is inferior or superior? it is not impossible to judge a man by his or her appearance and race. when a famous person such as michael jackson has a problem or an event, people all over the world consider it. he always has a topic, which is sometimes worth to think over, so i am very interested in him.

in conclusion, i like him because he entertains me with his voice, dance and performance. besides, he gives me topics to consider, so i am interested in him. let's enjoy his songs and think of his problems.

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once (1) there lived a silly frog. she was (2) so silly that she talked all day long. she talked (3) in the morning , she talked in (4) the afternoon and she talked in the (5) evening. the silly frog lived in (6) a lake with two ducks. in autumn the ducks (7) said,"it is cold. we (8) must fly away". (9) but the silly frog said,"oh, (10) please, take me with you". (11) how can we take you? you cannot fly", said the ducks.

but the silly frog cried all day (12) long and then the ducks said, "all (13) right. we'll take you with us, but you mustn't (14) talk." the silly frog said, "i won't talk." so the ducks (15) took a long stick. one duck took one (16) end in its mouth.the silly frog took the middle (17) of the stick in its mouth.

the ducks said (18) to the frog,"if you open your mouth, you will fall to the ground, and that (19) will be the end of you."

the two ducks and the frog (20) flew over the woods and over the ponds.

the (21) silly frog wanted to say, "i am (22) happy because i am flying with you", but she did not open her mouth. when they flew over the pond, the frogs shouted, "look, look at the (23) funny frog! she is flying!

the silly frog (24) was very proud and happy and said,"that's "

but when she (25) opened her mouth,she fell (26) down to the ground.

that was the end of the silly frog.

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