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Сделать в пассиве нужно : children love the rainbow

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1.we have bought a new tv set.  мы купили новый телевизор (у нас есть новый телевизор).  2.the students have left the room.  студенты ушли из комнаты (студентов сейчас в комнате нет).  3.go and wash your hands.  пойди и вымой руки.  4- have you finished your job?   - ты закончил работу? 5.he has written about a hundred novels.  он написал около ста романов.6.i have known him   since 1990.  я знаю его с 1990 года.

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Don"t eat pr.sim.is baking pr.cont.have visited pr.perf.drank past sim. future sim.read past sim.
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1. i  get up at 7 o*clock.

2. then i go to the bathroom. wash my face and hands

3. at 15 minutes past 7 i have my breakfast

4. at 15 minutes to 8 i leave my home

5. i usually go to school with my friend.

6. we meet not far from my house.

7. we don*t  go by bus.

8. we live  near our school so we go on foot

9. every day we have 5 or 6 lessons

10. i come home at 2 o*clock.


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