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Сделайте правильно употребите глагол, данный в скобках, в нужном времени и залоге. 1. why are you (laugh)? – he (tell) us a funny story. 2. i (not seen) this film. i (go) to see it this week. 3. my friends (wait for) me now. i (not see) them for ages. 4. he (learn) new words for 3 hours yesterday. 5. it (rain) when i got up. 6. i (take
shower) when you called me. 7. she believes she (become) famous by the time she’s thirty. 8. they (finish) their meeting by 4 o’clock this afternoon. 9. i (clean) the room by the time you come back. 10. he (listen to) with great attention. 11. trees (plant) in the garden now. 12. all the food (eat) by the time i got there. 13. the project (finish) by wednesday afternoon. 14. a new bicycle (give) to bill
by his father. 15. the house (build) now.

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