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Сделайте номер 7 нужно 48

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  christmans is the  occasion in modern britain on which a lot of tradition   are preserved  by most ordinary people. in britain it  is celebrated on 25 december.today it is connected  with ''making money by shops'' that is now of tradition: most people follow  the tradition of buying gifts for their family members.people also buy a christmans tree.this tradition came from germany. it was introduced  in the nineteenth century.every christmas,london gets a gift from the people of norway-a christmas tree that is 23 metres high.it stands in the centre of london,in trafalgar square and it is decorated with 500 white lights. christmans is a time that unites anniversary  families. at night people get together to   mark  christmas. celebrating christmas includes  a christmas dinner and listening to the queeh's christmas  speech when the queen speaks directly to ''her'' people on tv and on the radio. there are many royal traditions in britain. the queen's telegram is not a very old custom but it is very old people. every british person gets a telegram from the queen on their ohe-hundredth birthday  . the changing of the  guard is very beautiful tradition.every morning tourists go to watch the ceremohy at buckingham palace. at 11.30 the guard that stands in front of the palace change.

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1. clyde was awfully glad to have renewed his acquaintance with sondra.-клайд был ужасно рад возобновив свое знакомство с сондра2. as we were given dictionaries, we managed to translate the article easily.-как мы получили словари, нам удалось перевести статью легко.3. at last he broke the silence by inviting everybody to walk into the living-room.-наконец он нарушил молчание, приглашая всех идти в гостиную.

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одним из них является мундир beefeaters в лондонском тауэре

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1)you can come home no later than eleven

2)l can go

3) the doctor says the patient can get up

4)she can't touch my stuff without permission

5)can i get another cake?

6)they cannot stay in the hospital after nini

7)if you do the jod, you can go to someone

8)can we go to the movies

9)now you can rest

10)you can't smoke in this room

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