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Решить: read and fill in: food, you,yummy or do. my favourite 1) food is chips! i love chips , i i think chips are what about 4)

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1) that's wrong. little children can't make bread very well.

2) that's right.

3) that's right.

4) that's wrong. chuck the duck doesn't want to help jen the hen.

5) that's right.

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the style  of man as  nothing else  can, and  to attract  attention  and  influence  on others.style -  it's  always  a sign  to others,  which  in itself  says a lot  about a person.  if a girlwears  business suits,  something about it  to say that  it  is likely to  work in the office.  if she likes  bright things, then it is  positive.  if you  like to wear  short skirts  and  cleavage, it is -  a bold  and sexy.

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3) yummy


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