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решить тест по инглишу 1. Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive Voice.

1. I can’t use my room right now. It…

a. is painted; b. is being painted; c. has been painted.

2. The computer…at the moment.

a. is used; b. is being used; c. has been used.

3. The bridge was broken last night and it…yet.

a. wasn’t repaired; b. isn’t repaired; hasn’t been repaired.

4. Your question…when I entered the room.

a. was discussed; b. was being discussed; has been discussed.

5. The work …by the end of the March.

a. will be finished; b. will have been finished; will be being finished.

6. The letter… yesterday.

a. is finished; b. is being finished; was finished.

2. Transform the following sentences from Active voice into Passive.

1. I bought new CDs yesterday.

a. New disks are bought.

b. New disks were bought.

c. New disks have been bought.

2. They will bring something to eat later.

a. Something to eat is brought.

b. Something to eat will be brought.

c. Something to eat was brought

3. We are cooking supper right now.

a. Supper is cooked now.

b. Supper was cooked.

c. Supper is being cooked now.

4. He has made some toasts in the morning.

a. Some toasts are made.

b. Some toasts were made.

c. Some toasts have been made.

5. By the middle of the autumn we have planted all the trees.

a. All the trees have been planted by the middle of the autumn.

b. All the trees were planted by the middle of the autumn.

c. All the trees are planted by the middle of the autumn.

6. They will show this film on TV.

a. This film is shown on TV.

b. This film will be shown on TV.

c. This film was shown on TV.

7. They have already forgotten the story.

a. The story has already been forgotten.

b. The story is forgotten.

с. The story was forgotten

8. They will stage this play at the beginning of the next season.

a. This play is being staged at the beginning of the next season.

b. This play will be staged at the beginning of the next season.

c. This play was staged at the beginning of the next season.

9. They restored that restaurant last year.

a. That restaurant is restored last year.

b. That restaurant has been restored last year.

c. That restaurant was restored last year.

10. He regularly adds something new to his diet.

a. Something new is added regularly to his diet.

b. Something new was added regularly to his diet.

c. Something new will be regularly added to his diet.

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there're many kinds of tourism.  you can go to another country with a permit and also you can go yourself.

you can choose  trip on permit or traveling on foot tourism,  this depends on your possibilities and desires.

when you choose a trip on permit you come at some hotel, live here and see sights of your country.

when you choose a foot tourism you can come to mountains or to a lake or in the forest and etc. (etc.- это "и так далее")

at all i prefer a trip on permit, because you  possible do not worry about payment and i can take fancy of the

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i had food

i slept last night

i ate yesterday

i fed the cat last week

i went to school last month

i built house

i was at home

i drank coca - cola last summer

i run last day

i swam last year

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if i had known that you were ill last week, i would have gone to see you.​ (если бы я знал, что ты болел на прошлой неделе, я бы пошел тебя проведать.)

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1they are old friends

2 i am a teacher

3 the weather is good today

1 we will be  interested in his progress

2 i will be your new teacher (  или   shall без разницы)

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