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Решить ауе получите 10 , 8 класс инглиш

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1)to smoke-smoked (задымленный)

2)to serve-served ( обслуженный)

3)to tin-tinned (консервированный)

4)to roast-roast (жаренный)

5)to stew-stewed (потушенный)

6)to bake-baked (испеченный)

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magical winter

winter is a fairy season of a year. i like bright and frosty weather and snowing outside. bizarre patterns are appearing on the window plates. when everything is covered with white snow it seems that you got into some kind of a fairytale. moreover it’s a great time to skiing, sliding, snowballing and making snowman.

when it is too frosty outside you don’t even want to go outside at first. but once you’ve got out and walk on a lane listening to snow creaking it becomes joy. main in thing in such weather is to keep moving. it is impossible to freeze while walking, running, riding skies or sleigh.

january is the time of greatest holidays of christmas and new year. all relatives are gathering and mother cooks tastiest things. i like the blinking of garlands in windows during those holydays. but most pleasant parts of all festivities are given and presented present. i used to believe in santa claus but presents from parents are great too.

winter gave us lots of beauty and joy. one can spend time with use to health even despite the cold weather. and it’s great time to spend time with relatives. and even when there are severest frost outside one should remember that winter won’t last forever and warm spring is ahead.

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you mustn't go out. it is raining heavily. 2) your room is messy. you must do your room and wash the floor.

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