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Рассчитываю на вашу )1a is a compensation (usually in the form of money) for service, efforts or achievements. royalty return rent rewardquestion 2a is a sum of money lent at interest. consumer bonus loan commissionquestion 3our company made a record last year. earn winning benefit profit
question 4you'll get a better of exchange at a bank. value rate charge worth question 5night workers will get paid double time for working unsocial hours. shift owl group time question 6sometimes when you have a very difficult choice to make, flipping a really helps. money coin currency
cash question 7in one-person business a single person is responsible for the or of the business. success; failure succeed; fail successful; failedquestion 8 is money taken in business; receipts. takings target taxquestion 9a(an) is a charge or payment for professional advice or services.
investment fee interest liabilityquestion 10the agreement will trade between our countries. increase add up inflate exaggeratequestion 11she gets a 15% on every car she sells. bonus salary compensation commission question 12does the design to the new regulations? conform consist confirm
agree question 13we will increase the amount of for women who are expecting babies. maternity time maternal leave maternity leave mothering leave question 14if they are not more careful with their accounts, they will poor penniless broken bankrupt question 15the president admitted taking
and had to resign. fees fines premiums bribes question 16all the workers in our firm get a christmas $ 100. bonus prize reward fine question 17he already pays 40% on his income. fee tax fare discount question 18his salary used to be $18,600, now he earns $23,000. his salary deducted
decreased increased question 19a lack of workers in a company or factory is called labour shortage short shorten question 20he left a on my desk saying he would be late for the meeting. notice note advertisement

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i can not say anything explicit. i think people should wear traditional clothes most of the time to keep the world's diversity. it is very important for people whose religion requires the wearing of traditional clothing. and i think it is not our problem. they think they are right wearing traditional clothing. what have we?   i know the most people disagree with my opinion. i understand them. wearing traditional clothes strange for us. strange for us to complete obedience to the laws of religion. may be most of people do not want to see people in traditional clothes on the streets of them city.  i think im right. we must to thinke about other people. they are another nationality but they people too. and i will very glad if all people will think about another people.

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ummer is the best season for me and perhaps for the majority of people. both adults and kids enjoy summertime, because it offers the longest holidays. besides, it is rather sunny and warm in our region at this time of the year, so we enjoy the sea and the sun.

лето – лучшее время года для меня и, возможно, для большинства людей. и взрослым, и детям нравится лето, потому что оно совпадает с самыми длинными каникулами. кроме того, в нашем регионе в это время года довольно тепло и солнечно, так что мы наслаждаемся морем и солнцем.

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1)this is my jumper.

this jumper is mine.

  2)this is your skateboard.

this skateboard is yours.

  3)these are his shoes.

these shoes are his

  4)these aren't your tickets, they're her tickets.

these tickets aren*t yours, they are hers

  5)this is their book, it isn't her book

this book is theirs, it isn*t hers

  6)these are my shoes, they aren't his shoes.

these shoes are mine, they aren*t his


1)it that  my wallet?

2)where is their football?

3)that football isn't yours!

  it's mine!

4)he hasn't got our tickets.

5)have you got your books? we've got ours.

6)where's your skateboard?

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i was born in russia.

i was taught to read early.

i was shown on tv programme.

i have been visited by my friends.

i am being presented a good book now.

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