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Рассказ о работе подростков в америке и россие на языке 7 предложений + мнение​

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1.silence! students take the exam.2.they take at nine in the morning.3.students take several exams each semester.4.she's been sick since thursday.5.they were learning new words when i came to them.6they learned new words.7.did they learn new words? 8.they had been learning new words for hours when i came to them.9.they learned new words only by nine o'clock in the evening.10.we learned new words last week.11.i've never played this game.12.i never played this game when i lived in moscow.13.he will learn german next year.14.he will study german for four years when he enters the university .15.he'll be learning english when you get here.16.he'll have learned those verbs by the time you get back.

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it’s a fine day,isn't it?

ann has a new car,doesn't she?

hob must work harder,mustn't he?

they gave her a clock,didn't they?

my friend plays football,doesn't he?

you were in england last year,weren't you?

jack wouldn’t like to stay with his sister’s family,would he?

she doesn’t like coffee,does she?

i won’t visit my granny next sunday,will i?

i won’t visit my granny next sunday,will i?

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