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Рассказ на про день рождения минимум 100 слов​

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dear jim,

last month i  was at chatterplace. i had a good time there. i lived in a small but nice room. when it  was fine and warm,  i went for a walk and played tennis

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1. in

2. in, for

3. of

5. from, till

5. to, of

6. to

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my birthday is wonderful day for me!

i was born on the 12th of march. birthday is a very remarkable day for me. march is a spring month and usually the weather is warm. in the morning my parents come to my place and say: "happy birthday! "

they give me presents. i enjoy
getting them. most people have a birthday party on this day.

this year i have my birthday party at home. my parents and i prepared for this day. we invited my friends and relatives to the party.

i celebrated my birthday on sunday. i got up early in the morning. my father
and i went to the shop and to the market to buy everything we needed for the party.

my mother stayed at home. she made cakes and laid the table. at four o'clock my relatives and friends came to congratulate me and i was glad to see them. they brought flowers, books, sweets and presents.
i thanked them all.

we had a good holiday dinner on this day. during our merry party we sang songs, danced, made jokes and spoke about our life, hobbies, and

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