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Рассказ на тему: the world of work in russia !

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1. he hasn’t promised to come, too.

2. nastya doesn’t like to play draughts.

3. doesn’t leyli go in for volleyball, too?

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dear alan,

thank you for your last letter. i was so glad to received your letter. you told me that you are not stay-at-home and that you like to travel. you ask me about travelling and and with whom i travel.

as for me i like travelling. i was in different countries, met many new people.

most often i travel with my parents. but sometimes i travel with friends.

most of all i love to travel by plane. although it is an expensive mode of transport, but it is the safest.

best wishes,


смотри, как-то так. дополни чем-нибудь еще. а то тут мало этого. когда сдавала , минут 30 тратила на написание письма. думай, что еще можно добавить.

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work in russia not so is simple as it seems.here each person knows the business.people not poor but are also the such.in russia factories, factories and small-scale business work.here few not working people.the salary not small to support a family and still to buy a miscellaneous of money suffices.

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