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Расскажи про достопримечательности своего города ( региона ), используя превосходную степень прилагательных. (the) oldest, (the) tallest, (the) finest, (the) longest, (the) smallest ( город астрахань )

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dear ann,thank you for your letter! sorry that i haven't written to you, but i have been busy.as for your questions, i often have arguments with my parents. they don't support my interests and hobbies. less likely to quarrel with my parents, i spend most of my free time with friends. we go to the cinema, skating, or just walking.if i don't agree with the parents on the holding of free time, i try to explain why i want to spend time that way.what is your relationship with her sister? how often do you quarrel? did you tell the secrets of her younger sister? sorry, i must finish now, because i have to revise for my tomorrow exam. hope to hear from you soonwith love,elya.

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1) kate has got a fanny rabbit.

2) tom has got a nice face.

3) we have got a big clock.

4) we have got a fanny rabbit.

5) tom has got a big clock.

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its eyes are black.

bird (птица) - it (она)        ее глаза - its eyes

it - its     


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were does he live?

how many friends has he got?

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