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Пятое сделайте , ниже текст к ннему  in a suburb of london two friends had houses standing by to each other.their wives became friends too.they were in short all friends together.they were also rivals the smiths and the robinsons.oh! in the nicest most harmful way.they were gardeners.if the
smiths succeeded with roses the robinsons immediately did the same.if the robinsons could to grow some beautiful plant thus showing that they had the greenest of green fingers the smiths wanted to show at once that their fingers were no less green.if one family bought some new garden furniture the
other made sure that their garden chair and benches were not worse.and then one day mrs smith had a wonderful idea.at the weekend she and her husband dug a very large hole in the middle of the garden. the robinsons waited to see what their neighbours were going to do with it.lily pond do you think?
or perhaps a gold fish pond? but the smiths did nothing with what they had dug.after several agonizing weeks the robinsons decided that they should have the same kind of thing in the middle of their own garden.the only problem was that the robinsons hated digging. so mrs robinson wrote to a
well-known firm of landscape gardeners.

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1 if you dont go away i will call the police

2 if the weather were nice we would go for a walk

2if i had a tape recorder i would listen to music at any time of the day

3 if you had worn you coat you wouldnt have fallen ill

во втором пункте два варианта.

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small- smaller - the smallest

  young-   younger-  the  youngest

thin- thinner- the thinnest

  thick-   thicker - the thickest

  tall- taller- the tallest

  fine- finer- the finest

  new- newer- the newest

  straight- straighter - the  straightest

  few- fewer- the fewest

  easy- easier- the easiest

  busy- busier- the busiest

  dirty- dirtier- the dirtiest

  famous- more  famous- the most   famous

  beautiful- more    beautiful - the most beautiful

  difficult-  more difficult - the most  difficult

  serious- more serious - the most serious

  comfortable-  more  comfortable - the most comfortable

  expensive- more  expensive - the most expensive

  suitable-  more suitable - the most suitable

  charming-  more charming- the most  charming

  good- better- the best

  much- more- the most

  bad- worse- the worst

  little- less- the least

  many- more- the most.

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two thousand and three


eighteen forty-eight


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1)he  has lost  his car keys

2)he      falls  over

3they have a baby

4)we  have not eaten all day

5)they  have  just scored a goal

6)she  has missed  the bus

дано не совсем корректно непонятно чего надо

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