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Прошу, ! нужно сделать номер 4 и вставить туда слова из номера 3. слова: a teller, a bed, a room,

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excercase №1.

      change into ordinal numerals.

one- 1                                                    thirti five-35

two -2                                                    ninety seven- 97

six -6                                                          nine -9

  twenty -20                                            ten- 10

three -3                                                      eighteen- 18

twelwe -12                                              sixty -60

                      exercase №2.

1. there are seven boys in our class.

2.i have got two sisters.

3.ben has  fourbooks in his bag.

4.our third  lesson is  history.

5.we have  six    lessons a day.

6.art in the fifth  lesson.

                        excercase №3.

1.we have six lesson today.history is  the second.

2.sunday is  the first day of the week.

3.there are  twelve months   in a year.

4.december is  the twelfth month of the year.

5.six and twenty is twenty six.

6.my name is tom. i'm a student. i'm eight

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1) pupils must  learn all subjects  hard and  regularly  at school.ученики должны  учить все предметы усердно и постоянно в школе

2) there is a  blackboard  in our classroom. we can write on it. в нашем классе есть доска, мы можем на ней писать


3) there are short  breaks between the lessons. между уроками есть короткие перемены


4)during  the lesson we often must  answer  the teacher`s questions. во время урока мы часто должны отвечать на вопросы учителя


5) we must  read  english texts  during our english lesson. мы должны читать тексты  во время наших уроков


6) we seldom  write      and  speak  russian аt our  english. we usually translate from  english  into  russian at home. мы редко пишем и говорим по-   на наших уроках, мы обычно переводим с  на  дома


7)we must  always  retell  englishstories to the teacher  at  the lesson. мы должны всегда пересказывать    учителю на уроке


8)i don`t like to learn english poems by heart. я не люблю учить поэмы наизусть


9) during  our literature lesson we often discuss a lot of problems. во время  нашего урока  мы часто обсуждаем множество проблем

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it is on the hands of course

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1) robin makvizard lived in edinburgh 500 years ago.  2) robin went to the trip back in time to london of the future.  3) stone of destiny was lost for scotland, because it had been in london at westminster abbey.  4) robin couldn’t come back in time.  5) the door of robin’s time was closed.  6) robin's father could not eat and drink.  7) he was waiting for his son at the window.  8) mother robin died when he was two years old, and he lived with his father and grandmother.  9) robin was very fond of his country.  10) he believed that the stone of destiny could help.  11) life in scotland was hard.  12) robin came back without the stone of destiny.
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