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Прошу, , нужно составить два монолога(10 предложений) с двумя темами из предложенных вариантов ниже develop these ideas (1—4) and use some of the word combinations listed below. 1) тема: cinema a century ago ·before television appeared ·the golden age of cinema ·a special event ·film stars like
kings and queens ·black-and-white films ·silent films ·the first film studios ·small cinema houses 2) cinema today ·high ticket prices ·multiplex cinemas ·brand-new films ·better picture and sound ·modern equipment films in 3d ·a lot of special effects smaller and younger audiences 3) cinema and
theatre ·more/less popular ·not all places have their theatres ·cheaper/more expensive ·more/less intellectual ·take more time ·need more imagination ·more entertaining ·bigger/smaller audience 4) films of different kinds ·older and younger audiences ·many types of films ·favourite kinds of films
·different people prefer different films ·films from many countries ·russian films ·old and new films ·films not to everyone’s taste

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довольно легкое

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who went to the evening classes yesterday ?

did she go to the evening classes yesterday ?

where did she go yesterday?

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1.we have bought a new tv set.  мы купили новый телевизор (у нас есть новый телевизор).  2.the students have left the room.  студенты ушли из комнаты (студентов сейчас в комнате нет).  3.go and wash your hands.  пойди и вымой руки.  4- have you finished your job?   - ты закончил работу? 5.he has written about a hundred novels.  он написал около ста романов.6.i have known him   since 1990.  я знаю его с 1990 года.

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it is on the hands or on the  legs  ?

it is on the  hands , of course.

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