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Придумать предложение со словом оно.

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1.how much food is at home?

it is much food at home

2.how much water do we need every day?

we need 2 l. of water every day

3.how much money do you have?

i have 400 dollars

4.how much hair did you cut yesteray?

остальные 4 не знаю

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1. we were given a salad of various vegetables.

2. breakfast is served at nine o'clock.

3. do not worry, they will serve you now.

4. the water in which the meat is boiled is called broth.

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оно пришло за нами. оно тянулось вдаль, к предзакатному небу. варенье бабушкино, поэтому оно самое вкусное.

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it smells like an orange.

it's dust on the window.

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