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По номер 5 нужно вписать слова из списка в е мэйл (текст) в нужной форме​

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1.two butterflies

2.two frogs

3.two books

4.two foxes

5.two monkeys

6.two glasses

7.four cheries

8.five sandwiches

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1) if i am a millionaire, i don't need to work for money and i will do only what you like! 2) i will feel myself protected, stop worrying about money and the future! 3) i will have a lot of time and money to do a massage, spa procedures, beauty salon, shopping, and other joys of life! 4) i will be able to bring up their children in an atmosphere of plenty, and they will have all the very-very best. 5) i can travel so much, as much as i want, the limit will be only my imagination! 6) i will live where i want to, i.e., by the sea and my house will be that's exactly what i want. 7) my family and friends as well will have the opportunity to do what they want, live where they want and have all that wish. 8) i'll buy myself the luxury car, which wink at me in the most fashionable interior and of course learn the drive! 9) i will be able to give such gifts beloved, of which they dream. 10) i will be able to help all people who need my help!


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come over and visit. приходите к нам.come to see us tonight. заходите к нам сегодня вечером.come and see me on sunday. приходите ко мне в воскресенье.come to my birthday party. приходите ко мне на день рождения.come to dinner. приходите на ужин.drop in. заходите.i want to invite you to lunch. хочу пригласить вас на обед.call any day you like. звоните, когда угодно.how about coming with us to the club? давай пойдём с нами в клуб? would you like to have some coffee? не хотите выпить кофе? would you like to come for a walk? не хотите ли прогуляться? would you care to come to my place and have a drink? не хотите зайти ко мне и выпить?

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my best friend is nastya. she is good-looking, quite tall and slim. she has got curly, blond hair. she sometimes wears it in a pony tail. her eyes are clear blue and she always wears a lot of make – up on it. she is always well dressed. nastya knows a lot of interesting things. she sings well and likes playing volleyball. we discuss all our troubles and try to find the best decision in any situation. we often spend our free time together. she is always full of life and energy. she is always ready to help people when they are in need. nastya has good manners. she is cheerful and helpful. nastya is the only child in the family. as far as i know her family is kind and very friendly. i like them very much and i enjoy staying in their house. i am happy to have such a friend as nastya because she is a true one. when we have some free time, we go for walks, read and discuss books, watch films, go to discos or go shopping. shopping is our hobby. both of us are fond of sport. we go in for swimming and often go to the swimming pool together. i believe that friendship is based on shared interests, hobbies, leisure activities and trust. personally speaking, i miss nastya when i don’t see him for a long time. i never tested our friendship because true relations don’t need any testing. i love my friend very much. i think she is a fantastic friend. our friendship is very dear to me and i try to do my best to be a good friend too.

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