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Почему дети учатся хуже в старшей школе.сочинение по

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my family name is romanova.my famely is rather large.there are my parents,brothers ,sister and i.my father's  name is svetoslav.he is handsome and very friendly.my mother's  name is sveta.she is a housewife.she looks after the house and my brothers: vanya and igor.my sister is a student.her name is ann.she works very hard.i love my family.

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мне думается, что подобное письмо следует связать с каким-нить событием,    например с рождеством.  поэтому, если вы сочтете  мое письмо недостаточно информативным, вы можете добавить поздравления, каких-то пожеланий и т.д.  надеюсь, вас не взяли во временные рамки и поэтому напишем письмо ныне покойному артуру конану дойлю.


april 11

dear arthur,

hope all is well with you.

it was so good to read your book a few weeks ago. i really got indescribable pleasure from your book! i don't know from what begin!

sherlock holmes' character is not as common as any investigator in life. he reveals an intelligence and cleverness personality. i feel a real respect for him. it's amazing to look  on his deductive thinking and, in the end of the story, understand how it easy at all! but i think you paytoo little attention to doctor watson. and, in my opinion, you should write a few stories with his direct participation, perhaps, with him in title role.

by the way, i am coming to london next week, and it  would be a great honor for me to spend a few days with you! i have dreamed for meet with you since i read my first book about sherlock holmes! i am looking forward for your answer to me!

i can't wait to hear from you, really!

best wishes

your name (замените это на ваше имя)

за внимание, я счел нужным не перегружать письмо потоком эмоций, а лишь вкраце выразить восторг автора письма, что ему понравилось в главном персонаже, и его пожелание на будущее, и разумеется, пожелания автору.

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love and friendship are two very similar feelings and our life is built on them. there is no friendship without love and there is no love without friendship.

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1. send

2. is writing

3. is looking

4. attend

5. is, is preparing

6. always make

7. isn't examining, is giving, examines

8. contains.

9. tell,   are asking

10. boil

11. are musicians having, are rehearsing, preform

12. are doctors using, aren't work, prescribing

13. is always playing

14. are you waiting, are, arrives

15. arepeter and tim going to, they are, go, invite

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