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Поставить слова в скобках в present perfect continuous​

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если бы в нашей жизни не было бы телефонов,то я не знаю как бы мы жили.мы по-

льзуемся телефоном когда в школе,гуляем,ходим куда-нибудь,или просто хотим поговорить с кем-нибудь.телефоны в нашей жизни важны.

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2. was snowing

3. weren`t driving

4. was he doing

5. were you crying

6. was sitting

7. were living

8. wasn`t working

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winter holidays  my name is пиши своё . i’m thirteen years old. my favourite season is winter. my holidays began on the 28th of december. i am in a good mood because new year’s day and two weeks of the rest will come soon. i like festive bustle. in the first day of our holidays i and my sister decorated our flat and we also decorated the christmas tree in the evening. there is a tradition in our family: we all go skiing to the forest in the morning in the last day of the year. we enjoy beauty of the forest, breath fresh air and have a great time. usually our walk takes us two hours. then we begin to prepare for holiday. in the first day of january we went to celebrate our grandmother and grandfather and next day we went to street festivities at city square. the whole holidays i and my sister were spending much time in the street. we could go skating, having a fight with snowballs or making a snowman. also we walked in the snow-covered park. i liked my winter holidays very much.

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my day.mydaybegins wheniwake up,wash,eat,get dressedand goto school.in high school iuchyus, i especiallyenjoythe english language.after schooli go home,eat,dohomework.after i hadmadelessonsi'mplayingorhanging out with friends! walkwent very well! aftera tiredday you canget some sleep!

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