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Помагите англиский 6 класс​

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the last time that i went to a shop, i bought so many new things, that it is unbelievable. all of the money which i had in my wallet was spend on the new purchases which i made. the purchases were very varied : the most recent in fashion shirts and skirts, and dresses which i've seen models wear in the fashion magazines which i've read. the store in which i bought all these items was quite elite. my parents later on scolded me for spending all of my money like that, but i myself don't fell that i regret it. 

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hi debbie!

how are you?

how is your learning at school?  

in a few days it will be holidays) what do you want to do on holidays? where will you be? are you waiting this holidays? our class is waiting this holidays very much) i hope it will be the greatest holidays of this summer)

with love..

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excercase №1.

      change into ordinal numerals.

one- 1                                                    thirti five-35

two -2                                                    ninety seven- 97

six -6                                                          nine -9

  twenty -20                                            ten- 10

three -3                                                      eighteen- 18

twelwe -12                                              sixty -60

                      exercase №2.

1. there are seven boys in our class.

2.i have got two sisters.

3.ben has  fourbooks in his bag.

4.our third  lesson is  history.

5.we have  six    lessons a day.

6.art in the fifth  lesson.

                        excercase №3.

1.we have six lesson today.history is  the second.

2.sunday is  the first day of the week.

3.there are  twelve months   in a year.

4.december is  the twelfth month of the year.

5.six and twenty is twenty six.

6.my name is tom. i'm a student. i'm eight

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я живу в самой прекрасной стране россия! в столице-  город москва!   это красивый и большой город. мне он нравится, потому что  у него много интересных мест и  в этом городе живёт много известных людей и др. я люблю этот город!

i live in the finest country russia! in capital - the city of moscow! it is very beautiful and a big city. it very much is pleasant to me, because at it many interesting places and live in this city many known people, etc. i love this city!

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