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Положите глаголы в скобках в правильную форму времени be) the city with a history span) more than a millennium. be) one of the most picturesque cities in the world. green streets harmonize) with impressive architecture. during the reign of prince volodymyr the great the first stone church in build). the golden gate, built in the' 11th century, (to be) the primary entrance to the fortress. it (to be) very famous in eastern europe. it restore) in 1989. st sophia’s cathedral (to locate) not far from the golden gate. face) a square in the centre of which be) a monument to bohdan khmelnytsky, the hetman of the ukrainian cossacks. st sophia’s cathedral often (to use) to receive foreign ambassadors and sign treaties in the past. the first school and be) situated in the church as well. the build) in 1037 by prince yaroslav the wise to commemorate the victory over the pechenigs. at that time it be) a major cultural and political centre of kyi van rus.

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hello, dear friends! i also try to organise my day. and it's really helpful. i have many hobbies. it's wonderful, when person have no time to engage in idleness! now i want to tell you about my i am in love with snowboarding!   i can't describe my feelings when i do it! i feel so free, like a bird or a butterflie. i feel myself so strong! and incredibly happy! it's adrenaline! also i love skating. it's very beautiful. but now i am really in kickboxing! i do my first steps. but i am in love with it. that's amazing to know, that you can beat everyone who hurts you. so.. i have  a busy schedule. but i like it. i am proud of myself! : ) and friend, tell me about your after-school activies. its really interesting theme! i am waiting for your letter : ) good luck, friend!

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you should ask permission your parents

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a)helpful, items

b)career, job



e)place, towns

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  last summer i went to new zealand with my parents. we went there by plane. it was very comfortable.

  in new zealand we stayed at the hotel. our hotel was very beautiful and large.

  in new zealand we saw a lot of interesting places. my parents and i visited many museums. we also visited a zoo. i saw a lot of animals there.

  i liked my trip to new zealand. it is very interesting country.  


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