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Подкажите как написать 5 предложений с специальными ? вопросами? 3 класс

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the news programme   is watched by millions of people every day.

the mona liza was painted   by leonardo da vinchi.

the new cinemawill be built) next year.

new pop groups   are much spoken   about among teenagers.

alexander pushkin’s first poem   was written when he was fourteen.

the letters   will be sent by post tomorrow.

the translation was finished   two hours ago.

london   is visited) by hundreds of tourists every year.

the dinner   will be ready in an hour (через час).

the dogs were taken out three times yesterday.

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may , must, to be able tp

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when - когда

where - куда

who - кто

1) when is your birthday? - когда твой день рожденья?

2) where do you go? - куда ты идёшь?

3) who is your father? - кем работает твой папа?

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